Cutting Edge Smartphone Skins

Protect Your iPhone 6 With Cutting Edge Smartphone Skins

Who can keep track of technology? It feels like just a month ago we were all talking on cellphones the size of our heads. Suddenly the rise of the smartphone means that every aspect of our lives from the music we listen to, to the way we communicate with our friends and family has been mediated by technology. The iPhone has made a lot of things easier to figure out

Android Facebook Apps

You Don’t Have To Install These Apps To Use The Services They Provide

Android is a great platform with millions of apps available through a series of app marketplaces, each competing either for your cash, or for your viewing of their ads. Some apps are useful and unique, others are just attempts of their developers to do things better than their competitors (at which they sometimes fail miserably). There are a few apps that most people install on their phones and tablets, many of them provided by major names in the market, that are simply unnecessary – so you can easily make do without them (especially if you have one of those “affordable” devices with a limited storage space) and still use the service they are associated with. Here is a selection of a few such “unneeded” apps, getting rid of which can save you a lot of space.

Internet Marketing Tips

Top Tips for Marketing Your Website

So, your new website is live and ready to go. The design looks great, the content sparkles, and all those exciting features make yours one of the best new websites to hit the net. You’ve found a reliable and suitable web host so it can keep up with the amount of traffic it’ll start getting!

There’s just one small problem. Nobody knows it exists yet.

Sure, you could just go live and hope for the best, but sadly, the Hollywood sentiment that ‘if you build it, they will come,’ doesn’t really ring true when it comes to the web. If it did, there’d be a lot more websites out there enjoying huge scores of traffic on daily basis when, in all truth, far more of them sink quickly into obscurity than swim to the shores of success.

Android App Reviews

Can You Trust The App Reviews You Read on the Web?

When you want to buy or download a new Android app for your phone or tablet, you may well look at the reviews to see whether other people found the app to live up to the developers’ promises. You may also search the web and take a look at some independent review sites to see what their opinion of the app is before you buy it or (if it is free) give it some of the space on your trusty device. There are thousands of Android apps for just about every purpose, whether you want something to help with your fitness regime, to help you find travel options