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As the technology is getting more and more advanced there are many people who prefer to own a smart phone these days. Moreover with the increased usage of smart phones these people also prefer to download various apps so that they can enjoy and pass their free time in a nice and easy way. One such perfect way to enjoy your ideal time is to download live streaming apps such as Cricinfo.

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At the present times, PC is now being replaced by mobile phones. Likewise, mobile applications provide a wide array of features that even mobile is now known as the walking PC. Mobile apps or mobile applications are being utilized on internet applications on most mobile devices and smart phones. This even newer development has offered the technology its newer outlook. This makes mobile phones more than a communication tool. Mobile applications are helping users in making use of internet services on portable devices.

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Protera Technologies with their years of experience in SAP implementation has taken them beyond just that. They in fact offer so much in terms of

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Top 5 Android Apps for your Mobile phones

Mobile apps play an important life in our day to day life and have played a major role in making life much easier in many ways. The best part is that many of these vital apps are free of cost. Some apps may come at a cost, but you can also try out the trial version to try them out before deciding whether to purchase it or not. Below is listed a handy list of the current Top 5 Android Apps for your mobile phones to make help the selection process a little easier for you. All you need to do is go to Google Play and download then on your Android phone and get going.