6 Port USB Charger

Meet the Monster of Charging World: The 6 port USB Charger

We have seen that mobile phones have evolved in to an ultimate device. A smart phone of today’s generation has everything built into it. Whether you need a camera, a GPS, internet or radio, a Smartphone has everything that you might need. But with the evolution of smart phones, other devices have evolved as well. Most of us will prefer to listen to music on our iPods rather than on our smart phones. Ask anyone interested in photography and he will tell you that he will prefer his DSLR camera with optical image stabilization rather than to click the images with his smart phone. For such reasons people carry multiple gadgets with them. You can easily notice people carrying a camera, an ipod and an iphone, all at the same time.

Android L Developer Preview

What’s New in Android L?

Google is preparing the launch of its latest Nexus phone – called both Nexus 6 and Nexus X online – and the new version of its Android operating system with it. As usual, the new Android OS (currently known as Android L, where the L most likely stands for Lollipop) comes with a series of innovative features and changes, some of which will be presented below.

Android 5.0 Lollipop

Android 5.0 Lollipop – What’s New, What’s Cool?

To answer the question in the title: there are lots of new things crammed into the latest version of Google’s open source mobile operating system, and most of them are really cool. The new OS that was released on the 15th of October – just one day before Apple announced its iOS 8.1 with Apple Pay – has a series of new features in it, and many existing ones that were updated for the new version. Here are some that will allow you to play your games (like Online Pokies) run smoother and your Android experience generally be more positive.

Search Engine Marketing Importance

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